AIEEE 2011 Solutions 1D Motion, IIT JEE Physics, AIEEE papers has provided this AIEEE 2011 solution for Physics. Kinematics is an easy unit of Physics Physics. These AIEEE 2011 solutions would help the students understand the latest pattern of the entrance exams. In the last phase of preparation, such video solutions can be a great help. In this problem, the speed and deceleration rate of an object are given (deceleration rate is given in terms of instantaneous speed). The time taken by the object to come to rest needs to be calculated. The problem is a good one, and one can practice more such questions by using IIT JEE sample papers, and AIEEE sample papers. The best foundation for such questions is laid by NCERT questions at the back of CBSE XI and CBSE XII course books. Make sure that you know the basic concepts well, using basic preparation books, before moving on to more complicated books for IIT JEE and AIEEE books. H C Verma is generally considered the best one to begin with. After you are thorough with hat, you can move on to problem solving from books like Irodov, Resnick halliday, Loney etc. But make it a point not to refer to too many IIT books all at once, because instead of being of any help to you, it would confuse you. Rather concentrate on one book, that you can follow well, and stick to it for conceptual understanding. After being through with the theory, it is important to hone your problem solving skills. IIT JEE papers and AIEEE papers of previous years in addition to sample test papers would solve your problem. Take JEE mock tests also periodically to check your understanding. If you follow just these simple rules, then you would be at par or even ahead of your counterparts spending a lot of money on IIT JEE coaching institutes. Make use of IIT JEE video lectures, and AIEEE online preparation lectures in addition to your books for this. More video solutions etc. are available at and"

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