Solutions of H C Verma Concepts of Physics, Current electricity,IIT JEE provides solutions for HC Verma book Concepts of Physics, along with other online preparation material like JEE mock tests, video lectures for important topics of Physics to the students of class XI, XII and others. We will provide solutions of selected problems as asked by students from time to time to help them solve the problems. Best video tutorials, video solutions, IIT JEE solutions for previous years papers can be found here. This video lecture discusses a HC Verma solution for topic current electricity. The electric circuit involves resistance, inductance and emf. It discusses flow of current, voltage drop, inductor, time constant of the discharging circuit and potential difference. For IIT JEE 2012 preparation, practice using more such solutions from IIT JEE Physics books, like H C Verma. NCERT solutions, CBSE questions sample test papers, mock tests for JEE, test series, question banks are also available at and Correct planning and time management for IIT JEE preparation is important right from the beginning. For clarity of concepts get the best preparation books and practice a lot of Physics problems from IIT JEE question papers etc. IIT JEE syllabus must be finished well ahead of time so that there is time for revision of IITJEE Physics concepts. One must have dedication to do well in IIT and AIEEE to be able to get good results. The unit Electricity and Magnetism is important for engineering entrance tests and medical entrance exams as well. Practice a lot of questions to improve problem-solving skills. During the last few months the most important final tip for IIT preparation is to solve lot of JEE practice papers. You can refer to IIT video lectures, online preparation material and video solutions for IIT entrance and other entrance exams."

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